lacarmela is a gourmet shop and tapas bar project. It is the perfect place where you’ll enjoy the experience to taste a Rioja or a tapa like a Spaniard.
lacarmela needed to be distinguished from Spanish restaurants conceived by and for tourists. This is why it was necessary to avoid Spanish stereotypes like the bull, the use of red and black colours, or a mix of Latino aesthetics. Besides, to illustrate the quality of the products and the service the brand needed a bit of sophistication.
The colour palette is inspired by olive groves, the glow of the blue sky, and golden land. Traditional geometric tile floors are reproduced in various patterns created in the brand. These patterns can be used independently or mixed, just like the tile floors. Finally, lacarmela’s logo perfectly represents the company principle by the corkscrew shape and the customised typography for the project.
Scope of work:
Brand identity
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